Impact of AusTraits

By providing a curated, open source and FAIR big data resource, AusTraits aims to transform research on the Australian flora. This page tracks our impact to date. The page was last updated on 2022-01-27. For the latest impact, see links provided below.

Dataset downloads

AusTraits is provided as an open access data set via Zenodo, with multiple releases available, grouped under a “Concept DOI”: DOI

Zenodo tracks usage of AusTraits, following the Counter Code of Practice for Research Data. The latest values are available at the above link. As of 2022-01-27 the data has been accessed as follows:

MetricLatest versionAll versions
Unique views6711998
Unique downloads375502
Data volume (MB)70239333

Data Descriptor

The original paper describing AusTraits data was published in Scientific Data:

  • Falster, Gallagher, Wenk, Wright, Indiarto, Andrew, … (2021) AusTraits, a curated plant trait database for the Australian flora. Scientific data: 8 (1), 1-20 10.1038/s41597-021-01006-6.

Thus far, the paper has been cited 10 times, as indicated by Google Scholar.

The Altmetics of the paper capture it’s broader coverage for further details see the articles metrics page:

Below is a selection of papers using the AusTraits database:

  • GR Guerin, RV Gallagher, IJ Wright, SC Andrew, DS Falster, E Wenk, … (2022) Environmental associations of abundance-weighted functional traits in Australian plant communities. Basic and Applied Ecology: 58, 98-109 link
  • RV Gallagher, S Allen, BDE Mackenzie, CJ Yates, CR Gosper, DA Keith, … (2021) High fire frequency and the impact of the 2019–2020 megafires on Australian plant diversity. Diversity and Distributions: 27 (7), 1166-1179 link
  • RV Gallagher, N Butt, AJR Carthey, A Tulloch, L Bland, S Clulow, … (2021) A guide to using species trait data in conservation. One Earth: 4 (7), 927-936 link
  • SC Andrew, K Mokany, DS Falster, E Wenk, IJ Wright, C Merow, V Adams, … (2021) Functional diversity of the Australian flora: Strong links to species richness and climate. Journal of Vegetation Science: 32 (2), e13018 link
  • M Mallen‐Cooper, WK Cornwell (2021) Tissue chemistry of biocrust species along an aridity gradient and comparison to vascular plant leaves. Functional Ecology: 35 (11), 2604-2614 link
  • RV Gallagher, DS Falster, BS Maitner, R Salguero-Gómez, V Vandvik, … (2020) Open Science principles for accelerating trait-based science across the Tree of Life. Nature ecology & evolution: 4 (3), 294-303 link

Coneference presentations

The AusTraits team has delivered talks about AusTraits at multiple conferences and workshops:

  • Gallagher et al “Plant trait composition at the continental scale: using AusTraits to map trait variation and functional diversity across Australia”, Ecological Society of Australia, 23 November 2021
  • Wenk et al “Introduction to AusTraits”, Ecological Society of Australia, 23 November 2021
  • Wenk et al “An introduction to AusTraits”; Genomics for Australian Plants (GAP) phylogenomics mini symposium, 16 November 2021.
  • Sauquet et al “AusTraits: a national database on the traits of Australia’s complete flora”, DiveRS working group (Monetpellier, France), November 25 2021
  • Sauquet et al “AusTraits: a national database on the traits of Australia’s complete flora”, Australasian Systematic Botany Society Annual Conference, 12-16 July 2021

Social media

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